About Me

Jeff RasanskyHello, I’m Dallas attorney Jeff Rasansky.

I have been practicing law in Texas (and throughout the country) for more than 25 years since graduating from Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law.  I began my career working for the insurance industry, but left to start my own practice and pursue justice for those individuals who have been harmed or mistreated by the negligence of others. I have won numerous awards and secured huge settlements for the clients I’ve represented, but still to this day, it’s all about fighting for those who deserve it.

Despite the demands of my career, I understand the need for a balanced life. I am the proud father of three beautiful children, and have lived in Dallas my entire life. I have a passion for this city and the people in it.  I have also managed to stay active in the Dallas Jewish community through various organizations and leadership positions.

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For information on my mediation practice, visit the Rasansky Resolution Center website.