Not All Attorneys are Created Equal- Tips for Choosing the Right Lawyer, FOR YOU

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Hiring a lawyer is not an easy task. For the majority of people, the need for a lawyer is unexpected. Often times the circumstances surrounding the hiring of a lawyer are traumatic for the family involved. In my more than 20 years in this profession, I have had to not only represent families, but often times console them as well. The importance of this client/attorney relationship during what is sure to be an emotionally charged period for the family cannot go unnoticed.

Because of this, choosing a lawyer can be one of the most important choices you make following a birth injury, catastrophic accident or any other case you are pursuing.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident with your attorney. This person is your advocate and must fight for you and your legal rights with the utmost of professionalism and passion.

Approach the process of finding the right attorney like an interview. Both you and the attorney should discuss all questions you both have. Good questions for your attorney include:

• Do you have experience with medical malpractice cases?

• How much experience? What types of cases have you worked on previously?

• Do you keep up-to-date with particular changes and updates in the laws, and regulations associated with medical malpractice cases?

• Will you be the actual attorney on the case, or are you passing this case to another associate or law firm?

• What do you think of my case? What are the strengths and weaknesses you see?

• Can you describe your work style? Are you compassionate and caring when interacting with me, yet zealous and committed to achieving the best results for me and my family?

• What is the usual process for my case? How much will you charge me for your services?

Your attorney will also ask you questions regarding specifics of your case. If an attorney does not answer your questions, provides confusing answers or leaves you with anything less than full confidence, they may not be the right fit. Other issues that should cause you concern when meeting with an attorney include:

• Don’t believe an attorney who guarantees results. There are never absolutes in lawsuits, and your attorney should always be upfront about the risks and options in your case.

• Don’t believe an attorney who tells you there are no weaknesses in your case. No case is perfect, and if your attorney believes there are no weaknesses, either the attorney is missing all of the facts or the attorney will be blindsided by an argument from the defense.

• Don’t trust an attorney who brushes aside your concerns and doesn’t take the time to clearly address your particular issues. This may indicate the attorney isn’t all that interested in you and may not advocate fully for your rights.

Whatever you do, talk to as many attorneys as you’re comfortable with until you find the right one. Check with your state’s bar association, or use online resources to find the right match.

Remember, if you are having trouble finding an attorney, contact me. Chances are that if I can’t help you, I know somebody that can.

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