Running For Those Who Can’t

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For those of you familiar with our firm, you will know that we take great pride in the cases we have won for families and children that have suffered birth injuries. These birth injury cases involved medical malpractice and negligence that resulted in the development of cerebral palsy and birth defects in the victim.

What makes birth injuries one of the most devastating cases we see is that they affect children and their families for the rest of their lives. There is no cure for CP. The mental and physical tolls are incalculable. For many parents, taking care of their afflicted child becomes their life.

The costs of raising a child with CP top $1 million before they reach 18! You can see why we work so tirelessly to hold hospitals and medical professionals accountable for their negligence and malpractice. Luckily, there are inspiring organizations like United Cerebral Palsy. UCP has dedicated itself to helping people with CP and other disabilities become more productive and independent citizens.

They provide an invaluable nationwide support system for the disabled and their families. They provide everything from early childhood development programs to cutting edge assistive technology, and everything in between. Additionally, our local chapter, UCP of North Texas provides therapy services to help children in our area increase movement and even has an equipment loan program for the many families that can’t afford the prohibitively expensive equipment required in CP therapies.

Providing these services is very expensive. UCP is a non-profit organization and relies on volunteers, partnerships and donations to provide their much needed services. They are always accepting donations, volunteers and anything else that can help, but August is even more special.

For the past 15 years, UCP has held their life Without Limits-Run, Walk, Roll charity 5K. This year, it will be held in Dallas at Reverchon Park on August 14. It is an event that has raised funds and awareness for the CP cause. This is an event for the whole family, with balloons, face painting and much, much more.

Several members of our team recently toured the UCP facility and will be lacing up their shoes and running in the 5K this year.

If you would like to join the Rasansky Law Firm and many other supporters of this fantastic cause, visit  Additionally, if you are interested in donating outright, or volunteering for our local chapter, visit


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