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When a person is killed by a defective or dangerous product, or they lose a loved one because of another person’s negligence or malpractice, they come to a personal injury attorney. They come to us because they deserve to have somebody there to protect their rights – and that will not be the insurance company.

I can say this because I was on the other side. I used to defend the companies and insurance agencies that I now protect my clients from. The difference between now and then is that now I am on the right side of the fight, representing those who deserve a voice and an advocate for their rights.

Lost in most discussions are the positive effects that many plaintiffs’ lawsuits have on safety regulations and laws for all consumers. The list of new laws and regulations that were enacted because consumers and attorneys had the courage to step up to unsafe manufacturers and corporations is endless.

I recently posted a blog on that discussed what I, and many of my colleagues, see as a disturbing and damaging trend in attorney advertising. I was talking about the ads that play constantly utilizing threatening imagery and dollar signs to convince potential clients they need an attorney.

While writing the blog, I had a chance to think about the perceptions people have of attorneys and our place in society. It’s no secret that plaintiffs’ attorneys are constantly under fire from those that see our work as vindictive and greedy. After reflecting on much of the advertising and imagery some attorneys use to portray themselves, it’s hard not to see why.

Taking into account a lot of law firm advertising and hearing the rhetoric aimed at our industry from anti-trial lawyer lobbyists and politicians – I can understand why some people have an unfavorable view of what we do.

I also know that those same people who would like to paint us as greedy or self-serving couldn’t be any further from the truth. While some in our industry choose to paint themselves in this light, the vast majority of us do what we do because of a true desire to be advocates for individuals and their rights.

Big corporations, such as BP and Toyota, and insurance companies would like to say we are the bad guy, that we are just out to make a buck, but I can without question say that what we do is not only a necessity, but that it would be impossible to do if your heart wasn’t into it. The stories and situations we are faced with a daily basis is not for the shallow or light-hearted.

Bottom line is the threat of lawsuits keep companies in check and forces them to adhere to safe practices.

So, what I am saying is next time you see an attorney standing in front of explosions and yelling about dollar signs, remember they are the exception, not the rule.  The next time you hear a lobbyist or politician attacking the very legal system that was put in place to protect your rights and interests, remember who is paying for their campaign or salary. You follow their money and you will discover whose interests they are really looking out for.

If you are faced with a situation that requires representation, remember there are many of us out here fighting for people just like you. You and your family are NOT just another number or case in a system.

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