Child Abuse: An Epidemic in Texas

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Child abuse numbers dropped in Texas last year but rose in Dallas County. Unfortunately, the numbers fluctuate from year to year, and we are not on a downward trend. There are more than 7 million kids in the whole state, and nobody really knows why these numbers keep fluctuating. Some have offered inconclusive reasons, but they are not based on research. Having said that, it’s important that the general public understand child abuse is a crime that should never be tolerated.

Texas Daycare Abuse and Child Abuse

Child Abuse in Texas

Daycare Centers and Child Abuse

Child daycare centers are notorious for child abuse. Unfortunately, some daycare employees are able to hurt and/or exploit children put in their care due to lax or unenforced laws. Child abuse can take on different forms and may be hard to spot in the beginning. This means that parents with children in daycare should always be vigilant to look out for signs of child abuse in their children in order to put a stop to it.

Foster Homes

Foster homes also report an increased number in child abuse fatalities. For example, the tragic body slamming of 2-year-old Alexandria Hill in a foster home in Central Texas as well as 11-month old Orien Hamilton sent shockwaves throughout the whole state. These two cases just scratch at the surface. Even though most abused kids do not die of child abuse, they still suffer lifelong emotional and physical scars which may be prevented if a parent or guardian becomes vigilant.

Here are a few signs which may point to child abuse:

  1. Cuts and bruises on a child’s skin and body. If the bruising keep getting worse with time, seek a doctor or pediatrician’s help as soon as possible.
  2. Aggressive behavior in a child who was initially known to be pleasant or quiet.
  3. Night terrors and nightmares as well as other sleep disturbances such as insomnia.
  4. Flinching when an arm is raised.
  5. Refusal to go to the daycare center. This may mean that there is someone or something causing them pain.

Do You Have a Child Abuse Case? Get In Touch Today.

If your child has been a victim of childcare abuse, you have legal options. Let us help you file a claim in order to hold responsible the center or individual who caused the harm. Together we can ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen in other daycare centers or to other children. Rasansky Law Firm regularly tackles such cases, and would like to invite you to get in touch with us. You can call us today at 1-800-ATTORNEY for your free consultation. We look forward to helping you and your family seek justice.

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