NHTSA Enacts Changes to Standards in Child Car Seats

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The National Highway Traffic Administration recently brought forth new regulation aimed at keeping children in car seats safe. These new regulations come in the wake of child car seat recalls by a prominent manufacturer who had to recall its seats due to a product defect.

Child Car Seat Regulations

New Child Car Seat Regulations

Child Accident Statistics and Consequences

Every year, more than 50 children die and countless others are injured in car accidents. These fatalities and injuries might have been prevented if car manufacturers had paid attention to the children’s car seats during manufacturing. Children involved in car accidents are more prone to brain trauma, which can have catastrophic lifelong consequences.

Car Crash Tests

The new laws (which will be enforced in a period of 3 years) suggest that child seat standards be upgraded to a certain level for children weighing up to 40 pounds. Additionally, new tests need to be done to simulate side impact crashes to determine the extent of damage as well as find out new ways of protecting children in car safety seats. It’s been shown that most accidents leading to child injury and death happen at intersections. These type of accidents often involve being hit from the side.

Car Seat Recommendations

First, it’s important for parents to have their car seats and cars inspected n a regular basis! It’s also recommended that a child be ‘rear-facing’ for as long as is possible because this position protects the child’s neck, spine and head better compared to a forward-facing position. Members of the public have a 90-day period within which to vote for these new regulations before they are finalized.

Help After an Accident

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