Proposed Florida Nursing Home Liability Law is BAD NEWS

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Florida nursing home laws could protect the rich and powerful, if enacted.

Florida Nursing Home Laws

HB 569 & SB 670

Nursing home care is a contentious issue in most states. However, there’s no place that this is truer than Florida; a state that’s known as the leading nursing home care state in the country. While many individuals see these institutions as the right places to give their ailing or ageing parents and loved ones appropriate care, most people are also wary of nursing homes – and with good reason.

Liability Restriction

A new law, if enacted into legislature, might change the face of nursing home care forever. This set of bills, known as HB 569 and SB 670 will restrict liability when it comes to nursing home injuries and lawsuits only to the licensees, the management companies and direct caregivers. To be more clear, this would prevent a nursing home abuse victim from suing the owner of the facility.

Flawed Laws

These laws are flawed because they only serve to protect the interests of the chief decision-makers and nursing home CEO’s, effectively making them immune to litigation. At the same time, suing direct caregivers, licensees and management companies will not achieve much because these individuals and bodies don’t have the financial clout to pay for the damages suffered by the victim.

Poor Nursing Home Care Standards

The records documenting nursing home abuse are appalling and point to a general culture where care takes a second seat after profits. In fact, nursing home care is so bad that in some communities in Florida, the majority of nursing homes are on a watch list for allegations of chronically dangerous care standards.

Nursing Home Market Continues To Expand

The federal records documenting nursing home abuse has cases amounting to close to $7 million in fines over the last 3 years. This is juxtaposed with billions in profits realized by nursing home revenues. The nursing home market also continues to grow with each passing year while standards of care continue to plummet.

How You Can Stop This New Law

These misguided, unscrupulous bills can be stopped through educating Florida citizens on the text of the bills. Nursing home executives should be held accountable in a fair manner as mandated by the justice system. We urge you to make your voice heard by opposing the passing of these two bills. Write to your congressman and local politicians so that pressure can be put on the legislature to reverse and halt the implementation of these ridiculous laws.

Know Someone Who’s Been A Nursing Home Abuse Victim?

People in nursing homes need protection. Just because they are frail and aging doesn’t mean that they are expendable. Nursing home abuse shouldn’t be tolerated at all, and we at Rasansky Law firm are doing our part to help Texas nursing home abuse victims. If you have a loved one who’s been a victim of nursing home abuse, please call us at 1-800-ATTORNEY and discuss the facts of your case with us.


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