Where Does Texas Rank in Terms of Bad Driving?

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Texas Drivers

A recently released report which looked at data involving driving habits across the nation has ranked Texas as one of the slightly-better states in the country when it comes to safe driving. The unenviable top (worst) spot was snatched up by Utah, with the best drivers coming from Rhode Island.

Texas Earns “C” Grade for Bad Driving

According to the report, published by online marketing agency Quote Wizard, Texas came in at a respectable 29th, earning the Lone Star State a “C” grade. The report claimed that the state was doing a good job when it came to things like seat belt use and older drivers. However, the agency also stated that Texas lags behind when it came to vulnerable road users such as bikers and cyclist, child passengers, and teen drivers.

The report notes that distracted driving policies were still at their infancy; a worrying aspect as this is one of the major causes of deaths on our roads. Luckily, Texas just became the 47th state to finally ban texting and driving just this month.

Austin Takes The Top (Worst) Spot in Texas for Bad Driving

When it comes to Texas specifically, Austin was ranked as the top city for bad drivers, with some of this being attributed to the fact that many individuals are moving into the city from other states, which has over the last 7 years experienced extreme growth, bringing with them their poor driving habits as well as not knowing the road infrastructure on an intimate level compared to native Austinites.

When it came to the major 75 metropolitan cities in the US, San Antonio came in at 48th, Dallas at 55th, Houston at 60th and El Paso at 64th. Interestingly, Texas had the most number of cities named in Quote Wizard’s list, which could be due to the number of vehicles on our road or the general large state population.

The report also states that every driver will experience—on average—a collision every ten years, and that 94 percent of all collisions are preventable and caused by human error.

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